Have a GREAT day!!


We can learn quite a little from our furry dog friends, such as how to stay positive in even the most difficult situations. Yeah, you may say, they’re just furry friends. Although that may be true, sometimes it seems dogs may actually be smarter than we give them credit for. Dogs are able to turn a situation around almost immediately and become happy again. Maybe there is something to be learned from this. What a difference it could make in all of our days if each of us were willing to “let go and move on” from a difficult situation as quickly as it started. It’s actually not so difficult to do, and with practice can become a part of our daily lives. A dear friend of mine, a WWII Prisoner of War for more than 2 years put it very simply, “Everyday I got up I knew I had a decision to make and that was to choose to be miserable or happy. I decided to choose to be happy no matter what the day brought.” This man lived by this simple rule until he died at age 96. Although his wife and two of his four children left this life before him, he continued to live his life out in this manner. I never saw him feeling sorry for himself or upset with anyone. He was never a victim, he always found a way to climb back to the top. Try it, you might just find it works for you also. When in doubt, choose to be happy.